Exception from Projection Manager


When trying to create a continuous projection using the .Net API the following code throws,

var name = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(scriptFile);

var query = File.ReadAllText(scriptFile, Encoding.UTF8);

await projectionsManager.CreateContinuousAsync(



    trackEmittedStreams: false,

    userCredentials: credentials);


The error from the server is, “Package size is out of bounds: 1414745936 (max: 67108864).”

The query is ~4k, transpiled from TypeScript and works fine when the projection is created from the UI. Although note that when I change the query to a small test one I get the same package size in the error.

The exception is being thrown in LengthPrefixMessageFramer.Parse(), line 68 of a recent clone from GitHub. I’m using the latest client.

Any ideas? Let me know if I can help this end.




Sounds like you are trying to connect to the tcp port with the http protocol. By default the http port is 2113.

Nailed it, thanks.

I had it in my head not to use the one the UI uses.