Examples on projections

Hi there,

maybe it’s a dumb question of a noob:

I am running ES 5.0.5 in a container in kubernetes. Writing to a stream and reading from it from application works fine.

I am trying to get a projection running. Nothing special, just linking the event from one stream to a stream with a name containing value of ‘customerID’ key from the JSON data.

But I got stuck in several ways:

  1. creating projection works. When trying to view/ edit it, I am not able to do so (I enter the mask with an empty Source widget). I can see some error message for a while when pressing on “edit” button:
    Failure(tap notification to dismiss)
    Projection does not exist or is inaccessible
    I even cannot delete it.
  2. I did some test with log but could not figure out, where it goes
  3. something seem to happen because when using outputTo(‘mystreamoutput’) I can see that stream appearing

Is there more than this small reference about how to write/use projections?

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This might not be the solution, but when we used the earlier version of Eventstore (5.x.x) and ran it in Docker, we always had to change the port when we tried to edit a projection. It defaulted back to 2113 rather than the exposed port.

Hope that helps.