EventstoreDB Set Up on K8s


We’re looking to install EventstoreDB v21.10.6 as a stateful set on K8s, and was hoping to look for a performant solution for the same. I have explored a clustered option with DNS based gossip, and a single pod option, and I had a few queries regarding the same.

  • If we have a single node, how is the write contention managed, will it lock the stream?
  • Are there recommended AWS instance types I can use to maximise the write and persistent subscription performance?

EventStoreDB never locks anything. With a three-node cluster you get high availability, and can shift some read load to followers if you set the client to prefer the follower for reads and subscriptions.

As for the instance type, a simplest answer would be - a larger instance will perform better. It’s hard to advise anything when the question doesn’t contain any specifics. For some, 100 events per minute is good enough, others would say they need 5K per sec. You’d need to create a simulation for your own expected load and try different instance sizes.