EventStoreDB 20 in MacOS and upgrade from 5 to 20

I just realized that EventStoreDB 20.6 was released, first, good to rename it, always found it difficult to find info related to this tech and not the generic term “event store”.

  1. I use MacOS and have 5.0.5 installed, but the new 20.6 appears to be missing macOS compatibility?
  2. Probably could be asked somewhere else, but, why the jump from 5 to 6 to 20 so sudden?
  3. I recently started a new project and realized the .NET client was 20.6 also, had to downgrade, is 5/6, and 20 completely incompatible? How should I treat this?
  4. If I want to upgrade an existing project from 5 to 20 what should I do?

Thank you so much all for your help :pray:

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I new to EventStore, I would also like an answer to this question?

I have tried to install EventStore on Linux and Debian. It just doesn’t want to install.

I have tried older versions of Linux and Debian. It didn’t work. I have followed all the tutorials I could find, nothing seems to work. After a day of struggling, I saw a dockerfile that they are using eventstore 5.0.8. I tried that and it works.

They would update the Docs!

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  1. I have tried connecting a v5 client to v20 server and things seem to work fine. The only big obstacle is that you’d have to make sure you either a) connect through TLS or b) disable TLS check on the client side.

  2. The v20 client has changed quite a fair bit such that it’s not a immediately trivial upgrade if you plan to use their new GRPC client. That being said, the basics and foundation seems to be the same (e.g. streams, subscriptions, projections") but the library and interfaces have gone through a huge rewrite. That being said, if you want some guidance on how to do an upgrade, you should either check out their unit tests on github, or wait for their documents on v20 to go live.

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I’ve tried installing it on a new ubuntu server 18.04 without any issue.

  1. I was connection from a 20 cliente to a 5 db and it failed

  2. thank you! I’ll wait then,