EventStore V20 on Azure VM Issues

I recently stood up V5 EventStore on an Azure VM for development purposes and it worked great. Unfortunately I ran into some issues with conflicts using the tcp client and need to move to V20 and utilize the newer gRPC based client.

I stopped the V5 instance and installed V20 on the same Azure VM. It runs however while it creates the logs in the appropriate folder as specified in the command line arguments, it does not create the database at the specified folder.
Further, while it does run, I am not able to access the admin console locally on the VM (like I was able to in V5). I realize that I have to connect via https://localhost:2113 however I am prompted to accept the certificate. I choose to install on the cert on the local machine and then accept and then am told connection was refused.
I tried to connect (via tcp) using the V20 client from on premise, it times out. Previously the V5 client on premise connected to the V5 version that was running on the same VM.

I assume that the ports (1113/2113) that were opened up to allow V5 traffic would be the same for V20.

Can someone please provide me instructions to set this up an an Azure VM please so that I can connect to it from on premise.

I greatly appreciate any assistance.

In 20.6 the TCP protocol is disabled by default. If you want to connect to the 20.6 instance using the TCP client, you have to run the node with --enable-external-tcp option.

Our release notes contain quite a few lines about it.