eventstore TCP SSL on ubuntu

I followed the instruction “Setting up SSL on Ubuntu 16.04”

to set up SSL for TCP on Ubuntu.

However, when I try to test with Java to create events, it looks like not working as HTTP.

EventStore eventstore = EventStoreBuilder.newBuilder()

    .singleNodeAddress("", 1115)


    .userCredential("admin", "changeit")




The debug message are as following:

( Connection established.

( Authentication SUCCESS

( Connection closed

com.github,msemys.esjc.operation.manager.Retries.LimitReachedException:Item Operation (AppendToStreamOperation): reached retires limit: 10

java.util.concurrent.ExecutioonException: com.github.msemys.esj.operation.manager.RetiesLimtReachedException: Item Operation (AppendToStreamOperation): retry count 10, reached retries limit: 10

Probably I have missed some steps? Since using HTTP builder, can create new events or append streams.

Any clues?

Best wishes,

Probably I need to run “” ?

But I assume the “eventstore.conf” should effect with “ExtSecureTcpPort: 1115”?

Authentication success and Connection established, why failed create events or appendToStream?

I believe I have missed some steps, although I strictly followed " "

Thanks in advance.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Anyone can suggest a clue?

Anyone successfully setup TCP with SSL based following instruction?

Setting up SSL on Ubuntu 16.04"

Are you testing with .Net or Java?

Java appendToStream definitely work with HTTP.

Any one successfully create events or appendToStream with TCP ?

Best wishes,

Hi, All:

I seems to have fixed the issue myself.

The issue is that I only setup one node for TCP with SSL, left other nodes in the cluster untouched.

So the authentication and connection both okay, but you can not write events and appendStreams

I setup all nodes in the cluster correctly, then TCP with SSL working with no obvious issues.

Hopefully this post is beneficial to others.