Eventstore TCP protocol

I am designing a client for eventstore. So I need to know the protocols, it will be helpful if anyone can provide the docummentations for the same.


The foundation of the existing protocol is checked into the repository - it is protocol buffers length prefixed over a TCP stream. However, on the grpc branch is a replacement protocol which will ship alongside the existing one (as a new default) in Event Store version 6. This supports most features now, and will have parity before release.

I’d strongly recommend not designing a client for the current protocol, and using the GRPC protocol instead.

We also intend on shipping first-party clients for .NET, Java, Node.js and Go as part of Event Store version 6, with others following based on demand.

What platform are you developing a client for?




Thanks for the info. Could you provide the link for the ‘grpc’ branch? I could not find it here:

I am trying to build a functional Scala client, inspired by this effort for Postgres:


You can track my progress here: