EventStore stats


I would like to collect stats using the stats CSV files for monitoring of the EventStore using the ELK stack. However the columns in the CSV files seems to depend on the setup - is it in any way possible to configure the stats csv content?

/Anders Reimer

Not afaik, i’ll have a look.
You do however have another option which might be a little more flexible. The same stats that gets written to file also gets written to a stream. e.g. $stats- you can can read that stream and transform the events into the format you need/want.

Thank you Pieter

That was the other way I thought of doing it. However when using the files, I could just make sure logs was in the same folder or subfolder, and thus get all stats easily.

Is there an API for discovering streams - in my case a cluster of 3 nodes currently - since I would need to subscribe to stats from all 3 nodes. It would be nice to be able to do this without configuration…?

There isn’t a way to search/discover streams currently but the stats streams would be deterministic. i.e. $stats-{ext-ip}:{ext-http-port} and {ext-ip}:{ext-http-port}-cluster-node-stats.csv and where the log.config would specify where the file would actually exist on disk.