EventStore running an Linux in EC2 Instance

Hi. I’d like start EventStore on EC2 Linux instance. When I bound to elastic ip, the process exits with “[07889,14,11:36:36.716] Exit reason : The requested address is not valid in this context”. When I bound to internal EC2 ip then fails with a HTTP 400 Bad request from Mono-HTTP API. Is there a other option available?


We were just talking about putting up an ec2 instance. Is TCP working ok?

elastic ip. You bind it to a local ip. The elastic ip then maps from
the outside to your internal ip (correct me if I am wrong). What is
the message you are sending to the event store over http when you get
a bad request?

thats right. the elastic ip maps to local ip by aws. when I bound to local ip then the mono-http api return http code 400

my first easy peasy shot was - open browser with url http://elasticip:2113

Could you try any of the other http apis? stats etc

all requests like /web/dashboard-health.htm, /web/list-projections.htm, … returns

HTTP 400

In response body

Bad Request (Invalid host)


We are looking at it now.

ok looks like it needs a url prefix added. We are adding command line
options for urlprefixes


mono --gc=sgen bin/eventstore/debug/anycpu/EventStore.SingleNode.exe
-c 0 --ip -h 2113 -t 1113 --prefixes

Works for me now.



Ahh, also works with me. Thx for quick fix!

Cheers, Mike

You can use more than one by putting a , between though I think we
will change this to --acceptprefix XXXX --acceptprefix YYYY