EventStore PAAS

Hi, I was wondering if any company was running EventStore as a PAAS. We don’t have a dev opts team, we have to manage all that ourselves, and as a result on of our teams is going with SQS/SNS in amazon. It not out of the question that we manage a cluster, but it would be a lot easier sell if there was a PAAS.


There’s no official PAAS at the moment, and I’m not aware of anyone offering one unofficially. It’s something we considered, but the amount of overhead involved is not insignificant.

Out of interest, how much would you be willing to pay for such a service, and under what form of cost model?


Well, I don’t know. Really. I’m really just the complain to the managers till they approve it guy. I would imagine it would have to be somewhat similar to what an instance of mongo would run. I don’t know how much that is either. I could ask around here and try to get an idea.

Hosted Mongo - $18/GB

My thoughts on this right now are that any pricing model would need to include a component for outbound traffic (i.e. reads) as that is how we would be billed by AWS. I suspect it would end up costing rather more than Mongo though if we were to put together a service for it - the margins are just too low given what competent network administrators cost.

perhaps mongo is the wrong metric. Maybe the cost of aws sqs would be better, then bumping that up a fair amount do to the fact that whoever would be running it is not the size of freakin amazon.

I get the feeling that many PaaS offerings are either an attempt to juice venture capital valuations or a play at getting “aqui-hired”.

That said, how much would it help manage costs to integrate the reads into CloudFront, etc?

I suppose stream heads are always source reads…

Cloud front etc would help (drastically in many cases). The other
thing I would want would be to on libev/libuv for http in that case.
The other obvious questions is dealing with provisioning which is
non-trivial. My guess would be the first place to go would be a "I
want to test stuff out price plan" combined with a "you host it price
plan" from an operations perspective.

Depends. You lose cache-ability when you enable security which would be fairly crucial, so perhaps not useful at all.

You can still cache private providing the auth was in front.

AFAIK there’s no way to put the auth in front of CloudFront though - it’s only for public resources. May be wrong on that though.

A group of nginx nodes could do the same on our side (relatively easy
to provision up/down)

Oh, that’s too bad. I really had my hopes up for a PaaS offering on Azure.

Ah well, I suppose I’ll have to keep managing my own clusters. It would be great, though, if you guys could grow your business to the point where this is feasible. :slight_smile:

As far as price point, for a 3-node cluster on Azure with 80GB of storage I would be willing to pay $100-$150/month depending on performance. More for a cluster with 5 nodes, etc.

A 3 node cluster with any perf is going to cost more like $1000/U.S. Per month. Asking for that at a $100 rate seems too low. IMHO.

Am I Wrong in those numbers? Add SSD storage, and any ram and just the hardware rental alone gets up over 1000.


One thing that's guaranteed is that even if we did a PAAS it would not be in Azure.

I suppose I was assuming multitenant. For dedicated, yeah, obviously that’s different.

Well that’s good to have cleared up, at least. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have a clue as to why that would be guaranteed, but as long as I know that I’m on my own, I can plan accordingly.

Thanks for building this fantastic system, though. In case you thought I wasn’t thrilled with the engineering quality or something. :slight_smile: My only complaint is with the lack of scale of GES as a business. It makes it very challenging to adopt in terms of documentation,
support resources, etc. for those who can’t afford the commercial support fee, unfortunately.

This statement makes me wondering of there is any technical reasoning behind this. Known problems for example… Or if it is just business wise, or by principle…

I’m working with azure support for a solution. If we can get it worked out, I’ll have an ARM template that will deploy a cluster with a few clicks.


This may help:!msg/event-store/WCLje1sfS9A/GdU8lIbfKfQJ

See especially the 2nd post in the thread.