Eventstore own events

Recently I have started play with event store.

And the first thing I have noticed (from UI panel, queues tab) that even without any connections

system handled events ( $stats- is updated ). The stream has events type of

$statsCollected****and includes info related to eventstore process…

I have noticed that events occurred every 30 seconds, and UI shows me that MainQueue

process ~10 items/sec .

So my question is:

How many events really produced by the system (I have default installation)?

Can I stop (decrease) the number of system events? (possible some start arguments??)


An event is by default created every 30 seconds for statistics so 2 events/minute. Yes you can control the statistics (also the stream is scavengable and scavenge will get rid of the older events over time). The config option is statsperiodsec (can be in config file, command line, or environment variable