EventStore + NServiceBus + Azure

Do someone has an example project of an architecture using :

Azure (ServiceBus or QueueStorage) for transport

EventStore for persistence : Events and Sagas

NServiceBus weaving the all thing …



No code to share at the moment but:

I’ve played around with this and found it a good fit for some smaller projects.

My main issue so far has been latency between the updates to EventStore and my “read models”, but I think I’m about to explore using ES subscriptions in C# directly instead of using NSB to move events around to populate my read models.

Finally dropped the use of NServiceBus …

Latency between a write and a catch up subscription (for a read model)
should be very low (few hundred ms at the highest) when caught up.
Here I tend to get about 5 ms.

For read model I’m using Catch-Up subscription to In-Memory queue (not using NServiceBus or any bus) and latency is very low, hosting EventStore in azure vm using 2 raid/stripped ssd/premium storage attached. Performance is decent.