EventStore not production ready for Node JS back end?


Maybe my question should be more like:

  1. Is there a viable way to use EventStore with Node JS at present time? (seems like we would have to write and maintain the adapter ourselves)

  2. Would you advice against basing a big production solution on that combo (Node and ES)?

define big

Not big like “big data”, nor like Facebook. Like internal enterprise data management - a couple of hundreds of employees using it as the main system, which should be able to scale to thousands. Is scale very important for the answer? Does it make more sense to write the back end using .net core than node js when using EventStore? If Node JS, can anybody recommend a client based on experience?



I’m using this client to build some mode microservices interacting with EventStore.
There are other node js clients available but I found that one easier to get on with.

I’m not building the whole architecture from the input to the output using node js processes. I’m still writing some domain components in .net at the moment.

Maybe in the future I will re-write them in go or clojure. One of the main architectural benefits is to be able to swap platform and language of each small microservice without impacting the others.

I recommend to myself and my colleagues to not mesh all them up in one repository but instead maintain separate small code bases with a strict naming convention.

Hope this help.


We use node-eventstore-client as well. It uses a TCP socket and works just fine.

I will proceed using the node-eventstore-client and report my progress.

Has anybody tried: