Eventstore migration to new servers (windows) - IP keep reverting back


As part of subscription migration, I am migrating Eventstore to new Azure VMs and I have taken the following steps:

  • created new disks from azure backups

  • created new VMs and attached above disks

  • updated new VMs private IPs in C:\EventStore\v4.0.2\config\database.yaml

         Db: F:\EventStore\Data
         ExtIp: <new ip>
         ClusterSize: 3
         DiscoverViaDns: false
         RunProjections: All
         IntHttpPort: 2113
         IntTcpPort: 1113
        GossipSeed: <new ip>,<new ip>:2113
        StartStandardProjections: true
        ExtTcpPort: 1112
        Log: C:\Logs\\EventStore
       IntIP: <new ip>
       ExtHttpPort: 2114

Cluster comes up on new VM but after sometime IP addresses in above file keep reverting back and everything fails. Am I following the correct steps, is anyone else experience same issue?

Please advise?

Thanks in advance