EventStore JVM Client: anything to help us debug stalling issues?


We are currently investigating why some of our code that uses stream subscriptions seems to stall.

What happens is that we subscribe to some stream that already contains data, do some processing that emits new events into other streams, and at some point, it seems like the whole source stalls.

Even if we restart EventStore, the client won’t notice and will not wake up.

We use akka-stream using code such as


streamId = streamId,
fromNumberExclusive = from,
infinite = infinite


Is there anything you would suggest we try to debug the problem? Any log we should be looking at? any config we could tweak?



Could you just enable debug logging for eventstore.tcp.ConnectionActor class so you will see all the traffic?

Which version of client are you using ?

Thans for the tip.

It actually looks like the problem was not related to EventStore client, sorry for the noise!