Eventstore Internal HTTPS SSL Clustering


Currently we have Eventstore Behind a HTTPs Proxy, I would like eventstore to do all internal communications through the proxy using TLS Termination, However when eventstore posts the gossip it is using HTTP, This causes the proxy to return 4xx.

Is there anyway to tell eventstore to use HTTPs and Secure TCP?


Hi Josh,

What configuration are you using for your nodes?

Hi Hayley,

The configuration is as follows.

cluster-gossip-port: Port
cluster-size: 3
ext-http-port: Port

DiscoverViaDns: false

ext-tcp-port: Port
int-http-port: Port
int-tcp-port: Port
db: /var/lib/eventstore/db
log: /var/log/eventstore/db
run-projections: All

ExtIpAdvertiseAs: ip
IntIpAdvertiseAs: ip
IntHttpPortAdvertiseAs: Port
IntTcpPortAdvertiseAs: Port
ExtTcpPortAdvertiseAs: Port
ExtHttpPortAdvertiseAs: Port


Many Thanks


Is eventstore capable of doing this? My only other option is too connect clusters together away from the proxy?



Hi Josh,

My apologies, I misunderstood your initial issues and thought this may have been to do with configuration.

Event Store does not support gossip over HTTPS at this time. This feature has been marked for the next major release, as it requires an update of the mono version.

You can read more about this, and track the issue here and here.

We usually recommend setting up the nodes so they can communicate over HTTP over the internal IP, and setting up a proxy in front of the external IP with TLS termination.