EventStore in CentOs


Does EventStore support CentOS?

What would be involved in doing this?

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We have an cluster running in production on CentOS 7 with no issues so far. It wont run on earlier versions though AFAIK due to glibc version differences.

If you need to run on an older CentOS you could try to use my SLES11 build of libjs1 (or compile yourself), it should run on very old linux distributions (with older glibc):

Normally it does not matter on which distribution it is build, just the minimal glibc version must match.


There are two things you’d need to do:

  1. match the minimum version of glib

  2. sort out the init system. Most modern distributions have moved to systemd, our packages have upstart. It is critical to supervise EventStore, you can probably use DaemonTools or something.

There may be rpm packages for Amazon Linux soon, which may work OK on older CentOS.

Hi Rich,

Would it be alright to get some help on running a cluster in CentOS ? any resources/docs would be really helpful.

I can manage to run a a node using the script? how can start a cluster ?


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