EventStore high resource usage, out of memory

Hi dudes,

We are currently hosting eventstore in Docker on an Azure Linux VM. Our VM size is Standard D4as v4 (4 vcpus, 16 GiB memory). Our VM is using alot of resources from the get go. almost constant 80%+ cpu usage. Available memory slowly goes down to the point where its out of memory. Then it goes on using the disk which makes EventStore unresponsive. Also when logging in as an admin into EventStore the disk read spikes to max and any other request to EventStore on production times out. Obviously restarting the VM fixes memory issues temporarily but that would not be a good solution.

Our projections and streams are running/countinous. Do we need to close streams or stop projections for the resource usage to go down? I obviously searched the internet and the documentation for certain questions regarding performance for streams and projections but could not find any proper info.

Is there anybody that can help a noob out :slight_smile:. The biggest problem right now is the memory that goes down slowly resulting in out of memory. Do I need to turn on a setting in EventStore to limit resource usage?

If yall need any other info please ask, ill happily provide them