Eventstore example dotnet project

Hi, is there any example projects anywhere I can look over? The links on Google to example eventstore projects on github are now dead links. thanks

@ty.omidi you can check samples here: However, we’re planning to provide a new version for gRPC clients.
We would be grateful for suggestions of the areas that you especially need the samples or suggestions.

Hi, can you check the link as it’s broken? Will defo you feedback on examples.

I appologize for confusion; I just found out that we made it private as we’d like to make it more aligned with the latest conventions.

As for now, as we’re working on it, you could check the blog post from @mat-mcloughlin and the updated samples in

As I mentioned - we’d be grateful for the suggestions of what samples you crave the most.

Ok thanks, I’ll take a look. I am just looking to review Eventstore, so the feedback is from someone who has never used EventStore before:

  1. An example that demonstrates how it may be utilised in a real world example. It’s often not clear what I have to write myself or what is provided with checking the source which takes time that sometimes I dont have.
  2. Any best practices. Often there are methods to avoid in certain scenarios, so maybe a comment on them.
  3. Maybe off topic, but it seems I can use ES for both event sourcing and also just for state. I see however even in the example you gave that people are using Raven/Mongo in addition to ES - presumably for state - but it’s not clear why this is preferred. I’ll keep reading but if there’s any documentation on this it would be great.

At the moment, we only provide the database client. Say, it’s what other databases do. Maybe it’s a bit more low-level, like Elastic client compared to NEST (which is overkill imo).

There are plenty of examples out there, I can list mine:
Book repo, where Event Sourcing starts somewhere from Chapter 10. Projections are in Chapter 11. It’s all the TCP client and ESDB 5.
Repo from DotNext hands-on - ESDB 20.6 example with Mongo projections, C# 9

We will release the new Event Sourcing introduction webinar soon and open the code repository. It’s .NET for the moment, we are considering writing it in other supported languages.

I’ve put together a practical DDD sample here: It covers the accounting domain.

Ignore the UI bits, most of that doesn’t work.

@ty.omidi I just merged basic samples for .NET gRPC client. They’re covering the main features, not yet the real-world app samples, but we also plan to provide them in the nearest future. See more:

Folks, you can check Alexey’s webinar samples: We opened them recently :blush: