Eventstore connection does not recognize IP changes

  1. We have a single node event store hosted in an Azure VM. By default the IP address is dynamic and it changes after every reboot. We connect using dns name e.g. and enable keep reconnecting option during initial connection. When the event store server is rebooted, the connection is not re-established. We do notice attempts to reconnect from the client. If we set static IP, this issue does not occur.

2.We setup a clustered 3 node environment in azure. We then setup azure traffic manager and configured all three endpoints to be part of the routing. When we make a connection to the eventstore we use the traffic manager dns. E.g. Occasionally this would work (if the endpoint used during initial connection is same as the endpoint that is resolved by traffic manager for subsequent calls) but mostly errors out.

Both these problems can be resolved if event store used dns name when reconnecting. Is there a workaround or do you have any plans to implement it.

What’s TTL on your DNS entries?

For 1 Flushdns did not work either. So, I doubt it is related to DNS.

Please Ignore 2 (I misunderstood how azure traffic manager worked).