Eventstore cluster - master election

Is there way to prohibit a node from being elected as Master.
Actually what i want is:- whenever there is election for deciding master node i want some way to prevent a particular node from being elected as master.


Is there way to prohibit a node from being elected as Master: see non-promoteable clone.

A NPC is a clone node that can never become a master or a slave. It works just like any other node but can never be elevated. They are particularly useful for things like off site backups!

Greg, are you referring to this PR, or something that is available today? If it is available today, can you direct us to documented configuration to achieve this?

Looking back I think the work is sitting on a branch and likely good to get into the mainline. I will bring it up in tomorrow’s stand up. Its actually a useful feature.

Hi Greg,

so it isn’t available for us at the moment?

OK I did some research (sorry for the delay I spent in between as well :))

is I believe the WIP. Its not a huge change. I will get it prioritized next week.