EventStore.Client v1.1.0 and Server v1.0.1


Are EventStore.Client v1.1.0 and Server v1.0.1 compatible?

If they are not compatible, will I need to download the source code and build my own? If so, from which branch do I need to download the server code from?



You can grab binaries right on the website

So is it safe to say that you are pushing the updated binaries to but are not updating the assembly/file version number or what is labeled on the website?

Right now the website shows version 1.0.1 but when you download it the file/assembly version shows

Also the zip file from today is different from ~1-2 months ago.

I believe the version numbers are now updating in dev and will be updating in the future.

sounds good. Thanks,



Yes, they are compatible. The two are versioned separately as they will evolve at different rates (as would, for example, a future Java client API). The client bundled with the server is used by some utilities (for example, the test utility), and is not necessarily the latest. The NuGet package is the best way to obtain the .NET Client.

In future we’ll add a note on server compatibility to the release notes for the NuGet package.



Is a future Java client API something theoretical still or are you far enough down the track that we might see a release sometime in say, three to six months? I have this crazy notion of using Scala with GetEventStore.

It’s definitely something we’ve planned, but don’t have any timescale yet.

Of course, you can use it from scala now using the HTTP interface :slight_smile: