[EventStore.Client] How to retrieve current state of a projection which runs "foreachStream"?


How to retrieve the current state of a projection via the EventStore.Client API if the projection runs “foreachStream”?
The only way I’ve found so far is ProjectionManager.GetState() which does not have a stream parameter.

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Can you post your projection? What are you trying to achieve?



I want to achieve exactly what is shown at http://codeofrob.com/entries/creating-a-projection-per-stream-in-the-eventstore.html

However, I cannot find the correct ProjectionManager method call to get the state of such an per-stream-projection, calling GetState(projectionName, credentials) returns nothing - of course - because it loads */projection/myprojection *and not /projection/myprojection?partition=STREAM

So what’s the way to go?

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It’s quite possible that projections manager was never updated to allow that. I’ll open an issue on GitHub. Can you confirm that get with partition=stream works?


Yup, http://localhost:2113/projection/MyProjection/state?partition=MyStream1 does work just fine, it returns the per-stream-state as JSON.

Is the .NET Client API and with it the ProjectionsManager somehow outdated or otherwise not ready to use?

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