EventStore client for Java 8


I would like to share EventStore TCP client for Java 8 with Netty underhood. The client logic was ported from the original C# client.

Bug reports or feedback are welcome :slight_smile:



Looks very cool! I know many have been looking for java8/netty as they
prefer to avoid the scala/akka dependency

That’s super cool !

Yes please! Using the Akka now one, and would rather throw that out
the window. Has this one been used in production yet?


Yes, we are using it in production (cluster - gossip seed discoverer).

The driver API set we are using:

  • appendToStream
  • readStreamEventsForward
  • readStreamEventsBackward
  • readAllEventsForward
  • readAllEventsBackward
  • subscribeToAllFrom
  • setStreamMetadata

looks stable, no issues with these at all

Hi Mindaugas,

I found this post, when I was about to ask Greg to add your link to somewhere on the official page, as the code and API of this driver is exceptionally clean. (Maybe a blog post? :slight_smile:

We were able to integrate using this driver with ES 3.8.0 within hours. Great job.



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Hi Tamas,

link to driver already exists in the list of community developed clients: