EventStore as Windows Service - Update

I’ve updated the service project to fully support single node and cluster modes.

All config has intellisense.

It uses the sane defaults of EventStore Opts of any configuration options that are ommitted.


Inline image 1

Command line generation:

Inline image 2

I hope this helps someone.


Very nice. I need to merge this back. I have been looking at updating for cluster! What branch are you pulling for the ClusterNode.exe? Dev?

Don’t merge just yet, Ryan.

And yes, the dev branch is being used for cluster support.

The dev branch will be merged into master very shortly for a binary release (not entirely sure what the version number will be yet, possible 3, likely 2.5 or similar, need to go through and determine whether any major changes have been made). This will
be the first binary release which supports clustering.

I’d strongly recommend using JSON config over the command lines if you’re building a service host.


I will definitely change the config to JSON asap.

Thanks James.

Can I ask why the JSON configuration is any better in this scenario (or any scenario for that matter)?

Is it just easier to read (which I definitely agree with :slight_smile: )?

Having some problems when trying out your service. If I run the EventStoreService.exe . Everything starts up just fine etc.

But all projections are just pending. And this is UNTIL I close EventStoreService.exe … Then all projections start processing etc. So seems the EventStoreService.exe is locking something for

The same happens when you running it as a service. You will need to go into the task manager and kill “EventStoreService.exe” to get your projections running

I’m having the same issues. Can you share a log file?

Version 1 of eventstore was running fine as a service but v2 isn’t having it.

I’ve fixed this issue by running the service as LocalSystem.

Thanks Chris, this is a nice utility. I did find I needed to modify a couple of config param names for v3, but otherwise works well.