EventStore and Online gaming applications


Do you think it’s a good idea to build an online gaming application on top of CQRS with EventStore?

I though about using the CQRS concept to create a scalable application.

What you guys think about my approach?

Kind regards,

Gabriel Marquez

It would depend on the game but certainly could work. An online shooter for instance might be best served with lower level protocols but most games would be fine

I think for most Facebook games it would be perfect, anything turn based perfect too - anything more “real-time” the easiest thing you can do to make the experience feel real-time is to remove latency (clever code to do rubber-banding or prediction is sometimes more effort than just sending less data…)

I think you could still use it in a shooter. Not for managing game state obviously - but you could use it for the lobby or collecting game stats.

The idea is create a card games (Blackjack, poker and similars), it’s a real time but can have a little delay.

For subscription\payment I’ll sure use EventStore.

Thanks for you sharing the ideas.

Oh that should be fine :slight_smile: