EventStore all stream list

$streams projection?

Yes. Thank you.

Its worth noting that the $streams projection will not just give you the list of streams but also a notification of any new streams created.

How do you use this projection ?

I have 9 streams when opening$streams

I get :

  "coreProcessingTime": 19,
  "version": 8,
  "epoch": 8,
  "effectiveName": "$streams",
  "writesInProgress": 0,
  "readsInProgress": 0,
  "partitionsCached": 1,
  "status": "Running",
  "stateReason": "",
  "name": "$streams",
  "mode": "Continuous",
  "position": "C:179469685/P:179469685",
  "progress": 100.0,
  "lastCheckpoint": "C:0/P:-1",
  "eventsProcessedAfterRestart": 2572,
  "statusUrl": "$streams",
  "stateUrl": "$streams/state",
  "resultUrl": "$streams/result",
  "queryUrl": "$streams/query%3Fconfig=yes",
  "enableCommandUrl": "$streams/command/enable",
  "disableCommandUrl": "$streams/command/disable",
  "checkpointStatus": "",
  "bufferedEvents": 0,
  "writePendingEventsBeforeCheckpoint": 0,
  "writePendingEventsAfterCheckpoint": 0

How to get my list ?  Could you point me to the documentation page ?

Try reading the stream $streams, this is the information on the projection itself.