EventStore.Akka.Persistence and Projections?

Howdy All,

I am still learning about DDD/CQRS and Event Store, particularly for use with Scala/Akka and Akka Persistence. I have seen that Event Store has been made available as an Akka Persistence journal, which is great, but I have a few questions. In particular:

  1. How well does it work with Akka Persistence? The current build seems to have failed (GitHub) and it is still a very early version (v0.0.3).

  2. Is it possible to use custom projections from Akka Persistence? Perhaps a PersistentView can be setup with a “persistentId” corresponding to a custom projection?

I don’t mind if the custom projection has to be setup outside of Akka with Javascript etc. The Event Store seems to be an excellent solution and could bring much needed functionality to Akka Persistence for CQRS apps.

I hope all that makes sense :wink: