EventStore admin UI redirects after login

I’ve exposed the EventStore admin UI (external HTTP) via oauth2_proxy to make it easier for developers to troubleshoot things in our test environment. This works, but EventStore has a habit of redirecting to http://foo:2113/… after I’ve logged in to https://foo/.

While the local port (as far as EventStore is concerned) is indeed 2113, it is exposed via my proxy on https at 443 - is there a way of configuring EventStore to stop redirecting me to the internal port?



Hi Kristian

Apologies for taking so long to reply to this.

What url are you using to navigate to the admin UI? The admin UI should not redirect you from the original address you connected with.

When you say you are logging in to https://foo/ are you talking about entering that url into the first field in the login screen, or navigating to that url?