EventStore Admin UI: ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT [Fixed]

EventStore works lovely in a docker container running on my vagrant box, and i can curl it just fine from everywhere i intend to. Postman ensures the payload is all nicely presented too, again from my host machine.

The EventStore Admin UI does the same now I have turned off AdBlockers in my browsers!

I could log in to the Admin UI just fine from my host machine, and see the streams listed, but clicking on them resulted in “stream does not exist” errors, and in the console: ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT.

Not sure if there’s anything that could be done in the error message to suggest to turn off adblockers, but just in case anyone else has a similar issue and doesn’t consider this possibility for a few hours like i did, i thought i’d save someone else’s time and post this here anyway. I hope it’s a suitable place and helps someone!

If anyone is running adblockers just fine and can still access the UI, please also note that my current service context is the advertising of my user’s products on their “marketplace” within my Api, (although not for the purposes of creating public web-browser adverts like those people would tend to use a blocker for, in fact i don’t even have a public web-application for it in mind!)

The addblockers (I guess) are finding enough strings in my event stream names and/or payloads to consider it advert content that should then be blocked, and this is subsequently messing with the EventStore Admin UI. I have to admit that I’m chuckling to myself a bit at the slight irony!