EventStore 5.0.6 stops accepting connections after some time.

Hi. We have updated our staging server from 5.0.5 to 5.0.6, and have started to experience strange behavior.
After a while, server rejects all new connections from .NET client. All write or read attempts end up in ConnectionClosed exception.

Restarting the apps does not help.

Normal operation resumes only after we restart server instance.

We are running on bare metal, WIN 2016 server, 250GBSSD, 64GB RAM.

Any pointers as to what can saturate and block server in this way? Our code has not changed, and it worked until last update.


Do you have any possible repro steps? Do you typically have long standing connections or lots of connections coming and going? Are you using SSL?

We’d like roll this version out but this sounds strange, could be related to the various TCP changes in 5.0.6?

Thanx for fast response. I use long-standing connections, one per app, as a singleton. I connect once, and reuse it for concurrent read/writes.
I am under impression that this preferred way of handling things instead of creating and connecting for each read/write. I do not use SSL, and apps and db are on same machine. Will try to come up with repro steps.

I have initiated E2E tests where we simulate entire domain.

Currently, the issue has subsided, and I am working on repro steps.

Will let you know as soon as I have more info.

Hello Zvjezdan,

Thanks you very much for the report. We have created a Github issue to keep track here:

If you have more information (for example server/client logs when the issue occurred) we would be happy if you could please post them on the github issue.