EventStore 4.1.1 hotfix 1

Dear community,

We have just released a hotfix for EventStore 4.1.1 to fix the following issue:

Downloads are available on our website and packagecloud.

OS: All

Versions affected: 4.1.1

Bug: Due to a mis-configuration, logging is being done synchronously on version 4.1.1

Impact: Performance drops have been reported and on very busy EventStore nodes during a high load, this can cause an “avalanche” effect and the node may become unresponsive


  1. Upgrade the node to version 4.1.1-hotfix1 (this is necessary on linux)


  1. On Windows systems, replace log.config in the root EventStore folder by the attached file and restart the node.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and we would like to thank @GojiSoft for reporting this issue and @snakefoot for proposing a fix.


EventStore Team

log.config (2.43 KB)