Event takes long to appear in projection


I have a projection and sometimes it takes very long for an event to appear in the projection. This does not happen often and I am not able to reproduce it, it seems to happen randomly. In general event appear in the projection stream instantly but in the example below it took 26 seconds for the event to appear in the projection.

This is my projection:

	resultStreamName: 'order-saga',
	$includeLinks: false,
	reorderEvents: true,
	processingLag: 50

fromStreams(['$ce-eventmanager', '$ce-order', '$ce-payment'])
		$any: function(s,e){
			linkTo('order-saga', e);

The server where the event store is running is not busy at all, it uses less then 20% of it’s memory resources and 2% of cpu. If I look at the event store logs it does nog seems to point to a problem there.

eventstore logs for that day:

{ "PID": "15149", "ThreadID": "12", "Date": "2020-02-08T10:01:31.112150Z", "Level": "Trace", "Logger": "QueuedHandlerMRES", "Message": "SLOW QUEUE MSG [{queue}]: {message} - {elapsed}ms. Q: {prevQueueCount}\/{curQueueCount}.", "EventProperties": { "queue": "StorageWriterQueue", "message": "WritePrepares", "elapsed": 1712, "prevQueueCount": 0, "curQueueCount": 0 } }
{ "PID": "15149", "ThreadID": "12", "Date": "2020-02-08T10:02:00.321999Z", "Level": "Trace", "Logger": "QueuedHandlerMRES", "Message": "SLOW QUEUE MSG [{queue}]: {message} - {elapsed}ms. Q: {prevQueueCount}\/{curQueueCount}.", "EventProperties": { "queue": "StorageWriterQueue", "message": "WritePrepares", "elapsed": 809, "prevQueueCount": 0, "curQueueCount": 0 } }

Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?