Event Store - VM Hosting considerations

Quick question, and I couldn’t find an answer on the website or a search through the forums.

Is there any issues with using dynamically allocated memory vs static in the VM?

We’ve had suggestions with some products that use Java, that it doesn’t play well with dynamic, and must be static, but looking to see if that also applies to Event Store?



Hi Robert! Long time no talk!

I had inquired about this during previous fiascos. Dynamic memory does not play. Sorry you weren’t on those chains, and those emails are lost to me now. Drake, Mark, etc. were recipients.

I thought that was the right answer, but I couldn’t find the ‘proof’.

You know Assurant and the 45 day policy. Hence I was using my ‘real’ email client.

Thanks Andy!

How’s things going? Having a blast?


Ha, yeah, and Assurant’s separation data policy is why my emails are gone.

New place is excellent, thanks! Doing exactly the kind of work I want to be doing, without the bureaucracy and friction we suffered :smiley:

BTW I had asked this question as a support ticket, which is why you didn’t find it on the forums; not sure who has access to freshdesk now, but if you guys can get EventStore to grant access to my tickets, you may find some value.