Event store viewer

Is there a event store viewer available? A quick search did not yield anything. I am trying to view the events that are persisted in the eventstore.



There’s a built-in website.

Just hit your http://hostname:ExtHttp

default credentials are:

user: admin

password: changeit

+1 - go to your event store external HTTP endpoint using a browser and you’ll be able to browse stored events.

I tried this, did not ask for any credentials, just took me to the search engine! (EventStore was running during this)!. Any other options?

" just took me to the search engine!"

Maybe you typed your host wrong? With default settings it would be say from the same machine. If you put up your settings we
can tell you what it is

Hmm… that’s stage, I don’t see any file that looks like a config/setting file, except for NLog.Config. The version that I have is EventStore-OSS-Win-v3.0.5. What file should I be looking for?

You can pass a config file (yaml) on the command line. You may also be
setting things via the command line or through environment variables.

I created 2 .yml files
1.manager.yml whose contents are



IntHttpPort: 30777

ExtHttpPort: 30778

DiscoverViaDns: true

ClusterDns: cluster1.eventstore.local

ClusterGossipPort: 30777

EnableWatchdog: true

WatchdogConfig: d:\EventStore-Config\watchdog.esconfig

Log: d:\manager-log

and a database.yml file whose contents are



IntTcpPort: 1112

IntHttpPort: 2112

ExtTcpPort: 1113

ExtHttpPort: 2113

DiscoverViaDns: false

GossipSeed: [‘’]

ClusterSize: 1

how do i start event store :

EventStore.ClusterNode.exe --config database.yml seems to start, but I still can’t navigate to the login screen. And how do I pass both .yml files are arguments?



These are not valid ip addesses?


You don't need a manager config as you don't have a manager.

DiscoverViaDns: false
GossipSeed: ['']

Is also not needed for a single node.

EventStore.ClusterNode.exe --ext-ip

Then try browsing to

I would say, let’s first establish with the default options that you are able to navigate to the built in web admin ui.

Start Event Store by not passing it any configuration (e.g. “EventStore.ClusterNode.exe”). This means that you should be able to open your browser to http://localhost:2113 or The port is your ExtHttpPort (External HTTP Port).

If I remember correctly, if you are trying to use IE, ensure that you include the protocol. e.g. into the address bar.

Sorry, I pasted the ip address incorrectly in the post. But I tried your suggestion
In the console, among the messages I see

[17556,13,12:31:50.338] Starting HTTP server on []…

[17556,13,12:31:50.338] HTTP server is up and listening on [


  • but when I navigate to that address I get a HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. error.

when I navigate to http://localhost:2113 in Chrome after starting “EventStore.ClusterNode.exe” without any arguments, I get the error ‘HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.’

In the console I see the message

[18920,15,12:40:07.706] Starting HTTP server on []…

[18920,15,12:40:07.706] HTTP server is up and listening on [


Any idea what could be wrong?



See here for 503 http://docs.geteventstore.com/server/3.1.0-pre/
likely you need permissions set properly


Thank you for all the help, it is working now!