Event Store V4 Upgrade path

I am running Event Store v4.0.1 on Windows 2012 R2 server and the cluster size is 3.

After performing an OS upgrade from Windows 2012 R2 to Windows 2019, on one of the Event Store server, I am seeing a new error on the Event Store log, see below for the error:

Error occurred while replying to HTTP with message EventStore.Core.Messages.GossipMessage+SendGossip: The specified network name is no longer available.

Please advise how this can be fixed, or share the Event Store upgrade path that will be compatible on Windows 2019.


That kind of error seem to point to a DNS related problem .

Thanks Yves for your message.
Nslookup command from the server that was upgraded to Live Master server resolves correctly, or any other servers in the cluster.
Ping returns fine as well.

Ah you upgraded only one of the servers.

note that V4 is not supported anymore and not guaranteed to function on Win2019

That is correct, only one server on the cluster has been upgraded to Win2019.

What is the upgrade path for V4.0.1 that is guaranteed to function on Win2019?

I can only suggest upgrading to the latest v5 before you upgrade to Windows Server 2019. The v5 will also go out of support relatively soon, so you need to plan upgrading to the latest version some time this year.

Well V5 is out of support as well so
V4 -> V5 -> V22.10.x
That will require

  • downtime V4-> V5 & V5->V22.10
  • adjustment in the application as well ( newer version of the client libraries )

Thank you for your help.

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