Event Store is 1.0.0!

Hi All,

Event Store 1.0.0 has now been released, and binaries are available on http://geteventstore.com.

The Client API is now available on NuGet - http://nuget.org/packages/EventStore.Client

Projections no longer run by default - if you want them to run, use the --run-projections command line option when starting.




The major visible changes are in the Client API. However, the important milestone is that the public facing API for everything except projections is now stable and we will offer backwards compatibility within the 1.x range. Projections are not quite at the point where we can declare the API stable, but it is largely complete and in the shape it will end up in.




Very Nice. Congratulations!

kl. 18:57:21 UTC+1 mandag 21. januar 2013 skrev James Nugent følgende:

awesome, good news