Event Store Icon copyright

Hi team, I started working on an open source application framework on top of Event Store, (https://github.com/griffo-io/easy-evs) and I would like to use it to create a new icon - the event store icon at the back of my icon (the border collie you can see here https://github.com/griffo-io)
Is it possible to use it without any copyright infringement?
I know is not much tech related but couldn’t find any better place to make the question.

Hi Dario,

I’m the Content Manager for Event Store. Unfortunately, it would be unclear if you layered the images like that: it would be better to have the logos appear side by side. We would be very happy to collaborate with you on the framework if you want to!

Feel free to contact me to want to talk about this further.

Steph Gill

Hi Steph, thanks for the answer. My intention is that both are clear visible. attached is the first idea, but just wanted to make sure I can use the logo in my project without any copyright issues.
Can you help me about the copyright?
Thanks a lot!
PS: you can see I’m not an artist at all :slight_smile:


Hi again Dario!

I’d love to talk to you about this further, please can you email me at steph.gill@eventstore.com to talk about this more?


Steph Gill