Event Store Cluster in Azure


I’m attempting to setup a 3 node cluster of EventStore in Azure. I have 3 vanilla Server 2016 boxes, and using the example on this link http://docs.geteventstore.com/server/4.0.0/cluster-without-manager-nodes/, I’m attempting to spin up a cluster.

My command looks like this…

EventStore.ClusterNode.exe --mem-db --log c:\Logs\EventStore\log1 --int-ip --ext-ip --int-tcp-port=1111 --ext-tcp-port=1112 --int-http-port=2113 --ext-http-port=2114 --cluster-size=3 --discover-via-dns=false --gossip-seed=, --int-ip-advertise-as --ext-ip-advertise-ad

Note: the --int-ip-advertise-as and --ext-ip-advertise as are the public IP’s of the first node I’m attempting to get it working on.

I have temporarily disabled Windows Firewall, and the NSG is open to allow the ports above.


[05116,09,14:47:29.673] ========== [] SYSTEM INIT…

[05116,10,14:47:29.704] TableIndex initialization…

[05116,10,14:47:29.704] ReadIndex building…

[05116,10,14:47:29.704] ReadIndex rebuilding done: total processed 0 records, time elapsed: 00:00:00.

[05116,09,14:47:29.735] Starting Normal TCP listening on TCP endpoint:

[05116,09,14:47:29.735] Failed to listen on TCP endpoint:

[05116,09,14:47:29.766] Exiting with exit code: 1.

Exit reason: The requested address is not valid in its context

Any help, much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The IP must be the same as the machines IP. In this case it looks like it fails to bind.