Event Store cloud in AWS


Is it possible to have EventStore Cloud with AWS and the application in Azure. How can the apps communicate over to EventStore in AWS?

you’d need to have a VPC in your AWS account & setup the communication / routing between the Virtual network in Azure & the VPC in AWS .
That’s probably something your infra team can help setup correctly
You’ll probably have to tweak timeouts on the client side as there will be a lot of networking involved.

Mind if I ask why you need such a setup ?

Is it possible to have a publicly available endpoint? Similar to what MongoDb has? and whitelist IP address

@ekjuanrejon, there are no current plans to expose Event Store Cloud publicly. Our goal is to be secure by default, especially taking the lessons learned from Mongo’s related issues at the beginning.

If you want (which we don’t recommend), you can create a VPC and set up pearing to the Event Store Cloud and expose that publicly on your Cloud provider level.

We understand that the VPC configuration may be not easy, we plan to provide some functionalities to ease the pain of doing that. No set dates for that tho.

yeah I hear you. especially when having a small setup where you just need to write to event store… the setup is difficult.

I agree. We’re also thinking about the Sandbox environment in future to help on doing PoC. Again, no decisions yet around that.

What was the hardest part for you? Maybe we could improve our docs (https://developers.eventstore.com/cloud/provision/) to better support that process?

I have a small app that I want to deploy say using azure appservice or even azure container instance but I find it hard to simply connect to event store…

I just want to connect like azure sql… simple

That’s fully understood, but it would be great if you provide some specific hints on the missing docs part or what makes it hard. Then we could try to improve.

The other way, if you want to play around, then you can deploy EventStoreDB on Docker (https://developers.eventstore.com/server/v21.6/docs/installation/docker.html) or VM (https://developers.eventstore.com/server/v21.6/docs/installation/linux.html). That could help you to get started and should be good enough for the playground. Once you get closer to production use, then you could migrate to Event Store Cloud. If that still be too hard, we’re providing options in support or consultancy to help with that.