Event store as messaging platform

Has anyone experimented with using event store as a transport layer for a messaging platform? I only know of some nservicebus experiments.. We are looking into this to minimize our operational footprint..

What would you suggest as a complementary messaging framework/library etc..?

Sure, plenty of people are using it this way - this is a lot easier with the competing consumer support on the development branch which will be in the next release too.

That's great. Does the currently available catchup subscriptions give any message delivery guarentee? Or would a client need to resubscribe from some known checkpoint periodically.

The assurances are provided by the client remembering its checkpoint.
With competing consumers (persistent subscriptions on dev) its at
least once

Okay, so the client would have to resubscribe at some point from its checkpoint to make sure no messages was lost in transit…

Or is this not a problem in practice?

Yes it would keep its checkpoint ... That prevents message loss. Or
use competing if you don't want the client to have to keep this (or
want multiple clients on a single subscription)


You can take a look at my NServiceBus transport impl here https://github.com/SzymonPobiega/NServiceBus.EventStore to get an idea how messaging over ES can look like


That’s great, thank you.