Event Store as message broker

I’m considering to use Event Store as message broker, but don’t fully understand how to subscribe on particular event types.
Option #1
It is clear to me that I can use ReadAllEvents methods, but reading all I will receive tons of useless event which I dont want to subscribe.
Let’s demonstrate an issue.
We have 20 microservices which use Event Store as message broker to deliver say commands or events.
Suddenly, one of microservices starts to generate huge message traffic as result rest 19 microservices will be affected because they listen for all events, also additional load to network, CPU, memory, etc.
Option #2
Perfect solution is to use internal projections but they are not yet released for a long time.
Am I mistaken? What do you suggest?
Thanks in advance.

There is a recent mail on this projections are expected to be
supported in q2. 3.5.0 has a bunch of fixes around projections.

Also in general subscribing to all is very common, it really depends
on your throughput, if low being "network stupid" can reduce some
complexity in the subscription model.

Thank you Greg, just after I sent this question I found all answers around here :slight_smile:

I’m looking for 3.5.0 and not seeing it. Should I have read that as, “3.5.0 will have a bunch of fixes around projections when it’s released?”


Yes - expected early next week. The common projections bugs should be addressed by that release.

Including checkpoint errors on start up/master switch among others
(also lots of new UI stuff). It should go out mid-late next week.

Right on, guys. Thanks.


See https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore/pull/813


Exciting to see this stuff move forward!