Event position numbe

For example can I get positionEventNumber for event in “accountstream-123” when reading category stream “$ce-accounstream”, given that accountstream-123 is being created by following projection:

fromStreams([stream1, stream2 ,…])

.whenAny(function (state, event) {

linkTo(‘accountstream-’ + event.metaData.account_id, event);


Reading “$ce-accountstream” (category stream), returns:

  • “eventPositionNumber” (position in “$ce-accountstream”) <-- category stream

  • “eventNumber” (position in “stream1”) <-- aggregate stream

What I am additionally interested in is getting a position that event has in “accountstream-123”.

What I am trying to achieve is a background job which polls for changes by reading a category stream “$ce-accounstream” and preparing a snapshot which is then consumed by other http clients. Those clients first fetches a snapshot and then starts applying changes by polling accountstream-123. In order to do this, I need to provide them a position of the event in accounstream-123 when snapshot was created.

Best, Aleš