Event is missing in system projection

We have an event that has been created in the eventstore, but doesn’t seem to end up in the system category or event type projections. This is the payload:

“eventId”: “7fd6b3a9-d7bb-4ca8-90a2-601c70d22f9b”,
“eventType”: “ImportStarted”,
“eventNumber”: 1,
“data”: “{\n “import_id”: “7e04b8c9-91ff-415e-a96a-692a18d12ee8”,\n “feed_id”: “3c7f052c-b51d-5834-b44d-01faac941d7e”,\n “date”: “2019-02-21T12:40:03+00:00”,\n “recurring”: true\n}”,
“metaData”: “{\n “_aggregate_id”: “7e04b8c9-91ff-415e-a96a-692a18d12ee8”,\n “_aggregate_version”: 2,\n “_aggregate_type”: “Domain\\Importing\\Import”,\n “$causationId”: “ea35ceda-f003-48ba-8b8e-b0eb8d1605ed”,\n “$correlationId”: “f6de51a0-bf53-4fb1-ba2a-5ee7e2a8d24c”\n}”,
“streamId”: “ImportV2-7e04b8c991ff415ea96a692a18d12ee8”,
“isJson”: true,
“isMetaData”: true,
“isLinkMetaData”: false,
“positionEventNumber”: 1,
“positionStreamId”: “ImportV2-7e04b8c991ff415ea96a692a18d12ee8”,
“title”: “1@ImportV2-7e04b8c991ff415ea96a692a18d12ee8”,
“id”: “URL/streams/ImportV2-7e04b8c991ff415ea96a692a18d12ee8/1”,
“updated”: “2019-02-21T12:40:03.435996Z”,
“author”: {
“name”: “EventStore”
“summary”: “ImportStarted”,
“links”: [
“uri”: “URL/streams/ImportV2-7e04b8c991ff415ea96a692a18d12ee8/1”,
“relation”: “edit”
“uri”: “URL/streams/ImportV2-7e04b8c991ff415ea96a692a18d12ee8/1”,
“relation”: “alternate”


So if I look in this stream: /streams/$ce-ImportV2 or /streams/$et-ItemStarted then the event is not there. If I create a new stream fromStream(‘ImportV2-7e04b8c991ff415ea96a692a18d12ee8’), then the event does exist in the new projection stream.

We’re running eventstore 5.0.0 (at the time this event was created it might have been one of the rc’s). And we run this in a kubernetes cluster / docker containers.

If I look in the logs around the time that the event is created then I see a lot of these:

Error while processing message EventStore.Projections.Core.Messaging.UnwrapEnvelopeMessage in queued handler ‘“Projection Core #1”’.
Invalid JSON


But it shows a lot of such messages for about 2 minutes (not just one or a couple), and then doesn’t show such messages for a couple for days. And then it returns again for a couple of minutes.