Event Flow Visualization, some thoughts

Some thoughts/experiences about the visualisation feature:

  1. I’ve had $by_correlation_id projections fault on two environments (An event emitted in recovery for stream $bc-b2054e49-3aa8-40ee-9e47-cfe4bdd5dce6 differs from the originally emitted event.). Might be related to scavenging, can test further. A reset fixed them. This is on 5.0.5, will upgrade to 5.0.8 before more testing. (related to checkpoint bug?)

  2. Event Details, Link gives 401. (with admin account)

  3. Event Details would benefit from being responsive. (our event type names include namespace and rarely fits in the ui)

  4. Documentation. I think I’ve worked out that the ‘initial’ event should contain it’s own id as $causationId, but it’s very unclear.

All in all I think it’s a great feature, really helps troubleshooting complicated event flows.

Despite I think it’s a nice feature, I’d still suggest looking at distributed tracing options to complete the picture. You can a complete trace with all operations included in the flame graph, not just events. It is super -useful.