Event Data not coming to the subscribers from event-type system projection stream

I am not sure why I am not receiving the data from event type projection for the streams am writing into.
The web console shows everything fine. But when I subscribe to the event type stream that is created in the process, the subscriber does not get the desired data that it expects.
I am using persistent subscription.
Is there any configuration am missing ?

Is the event type system projection enabled?

Yes it is running fine.

Maybe you can post your code and give some details about your server and client versions.

Can you run a query from the ES UI for the stream you want the events from?

I had wanted to make a subscriber from $by_category projection, but the event data, I got from the event through the subscriber, was containing the event name, not the data I sent with. Then I tried with $by_event_type. After that I created a user defined projection that was sourced from $by_category and made those subscribers subscribed to this user defined projection stream, now it send the event data and I receive that. But certainly I do not want to have this extra user defined projection and directly get that from system projections.

My system currently using this configuration

EventStore version
client-api 4.1.1-rc

Could you post your projection up on this thread that is not working?

$by_category and $by_event_type are not working.
“$ce-MyEvent” is the stream id that I want to subscribe and want that to send event data. I am adding events to these streams MyEvent-1, MyEvent-2 with MyEvent as event type.

Out of ideas, sorry.
Is your eventstore publicly available and I could jump on and have a look?

Thanks Steven, thanks for looking into it.
I will try to make that accessible to you.

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What can you see in the UI for those two projections? You should be able to see if those projections are running or got stuck and what is the current status.

It is a production system or something you experiment with? Those things work, guaranteed, we use them all the time.

I may be wrong.
When I create a persistent subscription on the $et-event-type stream, I do receive data in the event but data represents the event name, not actual data what was written in the stream.
When I create a user defined projection with it, it create a separate stream sourcing from $et-event-type
it works, this has happened with $by-category projection also.
Both the system projections looks healthy and working fine as per their web console status goes.

What do you use for the subscription? Looks like you aren’t setting ResolveLinkTos to true on the subscription settings or not using ResolvedEvent and looking at the link event.

I did not ResolveLinkTos to true, I was using DoNotResolveLinkTos. Thanks a Ton :smile:

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