ES write order


I have a client which publishes events to ES. I have enabled KeepReconnecting and KeepRetrying, but that causes the event stream to be out of order when I restart ES. Is it possible to write the events in the correct order without limiting the concurrent operations to 1?

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Kasper Nørtoft

​Not really unless you’re setting the expected version with each write as a form of concurrency control. As soon as you introduce concurrency here there is no longer a “correct” order as the scheduler is free to do what it likes.


Lets step back a bit. What are you trying to solve?

If I limit my writes to a single publisher is it possible to use the LimitConcurrentOperationsTo in order to preserve order and maintain performance for reads. Can I set it to 2 and use 1 for write and 1 for read or do I need a new subscription?

I want to ensure high performance write order and maintain a couple of read subscriptions even through an ES restart.

Setting the concurrent operations limit is a per connection thing - it’s entirely feasible to have two connections with different settings open from the same process though.

You might also want to look into running a cluster of Event Store nodes if you aren’t already?