ES in-memory

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I am having some difficulties running the ES in-memory. I’ve tried to start it with the --mem-db parameter, but it seems like it saves a new instance of the db files in %appdata%\temp\EventStore folder each time I start ES. If I start ES with --db=path --mem-db it uses the db files and doesn’t run in-memory. Is it possible in any way to run ES in memory or at least clean up the temp folder after each use?

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Kasper Nørtoft

Can you post the exact command line you’re using? It looks like you’re specifying both a path and in memory - if you want to run only in memory you shouldn’t use --db as well as --mem-db.



Also, is it a new instance of the db files or the logging?

You can set the logging path if you’re using in-memory using the --log parameter.

If I use EventStore.SingleNode.exe --db=path --mem-db it uses the db path specified as you wrote.
If I use EventStore.SingleNode.exe --mem-db it creates a new instance of the db files in the folder %appdata%\temp\EventStore{guid}. When ES is closed it doesn’t clean up the files. We’re using it for unit tests so we’re getting a lot of 256mb data chunks in the folder.

What version are you running? My guess is 2.0.1? try using 3.0 :slight_smile:

also is --mem-db listed in EventStore.SingleNode.exe --help?

The version we’re using is 2.0.1. So I guess an upgrade would fix the problem :slight_smile:
Version 3.0.0 is only available in an RC2 and RC9, but it says in download page that the pre-release versions are not recommended for production use. How stable are they and can we use them for production? It would be nice for us to have the same version for both production and testing, so we’re sure it will behave the way.

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Kasper Nørtoft

They will be moved to production shortly. But inmemdb didnt exist in 2.0.1 :slight_smile: