ES impl of aggroot in Nodejs

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I have some really sweet architecture for connecting to eventstore and populating agg roots etc. I jacked most of it from examples and stuff. I’m very pleased with it. But it’s in c# and I’m done. I just can’t take it anymore. I’m off the boat. I’m already using a node api, but sending commands to my C# Domain layer. I’m starting to think about re-implementing it in node. I know there are two apis, but I was wondering if anyone had attempted something like the AggregateBase or the ES repository in node?

Node kind of has me feeling a bit functional or maybe just not so OO. But I guess an app still needs AggregateRoots to hold state. But I’m also open to other suggestions. Provided they work with ES.



My concern would be to make the system type safe unless you use typescript or coffeescript.

Meh, type safe is a safty net/straight jacket. It keeps you safe at the cost of mobility.

Hi Raif,

I have done some event sourcing with aggregates in node, but I used a homegrown event store with the idea that I would migrate to a GES based version when someone wrote a nodejs client. A year later, I had to write the client myself, and now 6 months after that, I am finally going to integrate it. The code is proprietary, but it’s exactly what you’d expect if you’re working in C#.

Aggregates in JavaScript can be exactly the same as their C# counterparts. It’s an easy transition. Projections are also very simple too. I have a projection library that I wrote that is somewhat gnarly right now, but can be backed by in-memory (works in browser) storage, level db storage, nedb storage, and static files. It needs some cleanup and a lot of documentation, but it has been in production for almost 2 years.

This library will also be going through some cleanup/enhancements in the next month or two.

So do you use a base class for the aggregates to manage the uncommited events and routes etc. Would you recommend the new class object in es6? I never much liked the doing the prototype inheritance.
Thanks for the input,

Hi Raif,

You could certainly use ES6 classes. As this was a couple of years ago, I used a mixin that looks something like this

Many ways to tackle this problem. Just go with whatever pleases your aesthetic. :slight_smile:

Cant we all just get along

Cool, thanks. This is the first piece of non trivial code I’ve tried to port to node, and i may just be stalling cuz im nervous. But your right, that looks pretty much just like my c# code :slight_smile: