ES 3.8 in Docker redirects to

Created Docker container with Event Store running in it. A slight modification from the published Event Store container (I added an extra data volume for logs).

I think this might be new with Event Store 3.8, because it wasn’t a problem for me earlier, but it seems that now when we spin up the container and browse to (that is the IP of the Docker VM on Windows installation), it redirects to and then of course we get “This site can’t be reached on Chrome, with ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID”. I know Event Store must be responding to the request because of the way it tacks on the “/web/index.html” sub-path.

Notably, entering the following URL directly into the browser works perfectly:

The Dockerfile is almost the same as here:, but with the added “VOLUME /var/log/eventstore”

Here is the startup command:

docker run --name eventstore -d -v /data/EventStore:/var/lib/eventstore -v /logs/EventStore:/var/log/eventstore -p ``1113``:``1113 -p ``2113``:``2113 ourapp/eventstore

I suspect this might be related to (or causing) another issue with the container where we can’t seem to create a valid projection (I’ll create another thread with that issue just in case they’re unrelated).

NOTE: here is the possibly-related issue (having trouble creating projections):!topic/event-store/LTJmXPG1kds

Zach, can you test this again with the latest version 3.8.1?

Rebuilt Docker image and container with version 3.8.1. No change in this or the linked issue.

Hi Zach, I have managed to reproduce this issue and will investigate and report back with a possible solution.
In the meantime you should be able to use the 3.7.0 version of Event Store’s docker image that doesn’t exhibit this issue.

Has this issue been fixed? My team is coming back to Event Store after a hiatus, and this issue had been blocking us from using 3.8 at the time.

Hi Zach,

This issue is fixed in the latest docker image, which is version 3.9.2 of Event Store

If you have any further issues with this, please let us know